Home Technology With over $12 million in total funding, the OCAVU Network is assisting...

With over $12 million in total funding, the OCAVU Network is assisting brands, athletes, and influencers in reclaiming ownership of their content.


With Over $12M Raised In Total Funding, OCAVU Network Is Supporting Brands, Athletes, and Influencers By Helping Them Reclaim Ownership Of Their Content

OCAVU Network uses Web3 to give creators more control over their material and financial future.

LEHI, UTAH / SEPTEMBER 8, 2022 / With the launch of OCAVU Network, an innovative and patent-pending utility engine for the Web3 environment, companies and influencers can now easily assign, distribute, and activate digital experiences, such as NFTs and tokens, in order to foster a sense of community among their consumers.

From blockchain to NFTs, XR/AR, and digital tokens, OCAVU provides simple solutions for Web3 digital interaction to businesses and influencers. Brands such as Brigham Young University, MaryRuth Organics, and Social Mixtape have joined the blockchain via the OCAVU Network, contributing to its quick growth and increasing income during its eight-month beta phase. Ocavu’s Web3 ecosystem unlocks the potential of NFTs, tokens, and the metaverse by making the process easier for community administrators and end users alike.

“We’ve worked with a number of excellent content creators and companies, and a recurring frustration among them was a lack of control over their communities and revenue potential,” OCAVU Co-Founder and CEO Jon Cheney stated. “We founded the OCAVU Network to address this issue head on by leveraging Web3’s great new capabilities and paradigms, offering artists more options to participate with their communities and have more control over their content and financial destiny.”

The benefits of offering digital assets to their particular communities make the OCAVU Network a powerful tool for changing business engagement, attention, communication, and education. Communities can use the OCAVU Utility Engine, which is part of the OCAVU Network and the subject of a patent application, to issue NFTs with authentic utility and manage/administer utility through the platform. On the OCAVU Network, tickets for digital or physical activities can be simply issued, shared, sold, and refunded as NFTs.

The Ocavu Network is also powered by the Ocavu Network Token, a Polygon chain utility token. The Ocavu Network Token’s objective is to provide an on/off ramp for traditional money, allowing users to do standard credit and debit card transactions. The token also functions as a liquidity pair with other community tokens released on the Ocavu Network. As the number of communities running on the Ocavu Network grows, so does the value of the entire network. The Ocavu Network Token website includes a full whitepaper as well as liquidity options.

OCAVU Information

OCAVU was founded more than six years ago, and we have been backed by the efforts of 133 devoted employees, consultants, and investors since then. OCAVU debuted in 2016 as “Seek,” an augmented reality treasure-hunting app that was one of the first to allow location-based AR advertising. In 2018, Seek’s business strategy expanded to encompass cross-platform 3D deployment. OCAVU may aid companies and influencers in developing interactive, engaging content to foster a feeling of community and trust with their target audience.

The OCAVU Network

The OCAVU Network provides its users with simple tools to develop and deliver Web3 content (including tokens, video, 3D/AR, NFTs, and more), assisting brands, influencers, artists, athletes, and others in reclaiming ownership of their community, monetizing their content, and providing tangible value to their users. Unlike other social media platforms, the Network grants creators full legal ownership of their content as well as the potential to monetize it.

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