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The Best Bitcoin Gold Casinos And Gambling Sites BitcoinChaser


Are you ready to get Bitcoin Gold gambling? It’s not news that cryptocurrency gambling significantly beats fiat gambling, but there are so many cryptocurrencies to choose from. Each cryptocurrency hosts its own range of benefits, it can be overwhelming to choose a cryptocurrency and then find a casino accepting that cryptocurrency. We have made it our mission to bring you all the best cryptocurrency casinos, and we will be doing that by highlighting the best casinos by cryptocurrency. We will be covering casinos accepting Bitcoin Gold and all the advantages they offer. So let’s get into it. 

Best Bitcoin Gold Casinos

DuckDice may only have one game on their casino, but it’s a good game. They are one of the most established dice casinos in the industry. Their website is simple but fun, drawing all your focus to their provably fair game.

There are 81 awards for you to win and claim, ranging from Bitcoin Gold Top to The Great Old One, and plenty in between. The casino also offers bonuses, a lottery, and a forum for users to interact and discuss their wins. Be sure to check out their faucet too.


Claim daily from the DuckDice crypto faucet

Bitsler is another industry-leading casino, providing casino games and a sportsbook for players to enjoy. You can test out their casino games, bet on sports, and esports. They offer proprietary games such as twist, boom, plinko, blackjack, keno, blast, and more.

They work with top-tier providers like Pragmatic, Spinomenal, NetEnt, QuickSpin, Evolution, Yggdrasil, and many others. They offer promotions as well as a VIP program, drop and wins, an hourly lottery, and a billion bets event.


Join the hourly lottery for free to win prizes.

Crypsino is another one of the casinos accepting Bitcoin Gold that we recommend, we recommend this casino because it brings you the best in provably fair gaming. They are extremely transparent and allow you to verify your losses.

Among their many games, most slots, dice, card, keno, and bingo games are provably fair, with dice 3D and Heads or Tails included. You can verify your bet outcome through their server-generated secret seed and hash results.


50% when you deposit more than 1000 credits

MELBet offers more than 1,500 games brought to you by the top 30 software providers. These providers include the most iconic names in the industry and some of the exciting and up-and-coming boutique providers out there.

MELBet players can try their luck at slots and bingo, as well as get access to thousands of sporting events across every sport imaginable on their sportsbooks. MELBet also specializes in live casinos, multi-level bets, and eSports events.


KawBet is featured on this list of the best Bitcoin Gold casinos because of their phenomenal game offerings. They explore all types of game categories including live bingo, sports betting, live casino games, esports betting, and the usual casino games.

They allow you to bet on sports such as basketball, football, tennis, table tennis, darts, and lacrosse, as well as esports games like Dota 2, Counterstrike, League Of Legends, and Valorant. They offer brilliant live casino and casino games too.

What Is Bitcoin Gold? 

Bitcoin Gold was founded in 2017 by Hang Yin and Martin Kuvandzhiev.

Bitcoin Gold was created as a user-friendly alternative to Bitcoin, and it has done a great job at doing so. They have made it clear they do not want to try to take the title of “Bitcoin” as many other Bitcoin project variations have tried to. They simply want to give the crypto community more options with different use cases. 

Bitcoin Gold presents a unique combination of the original properties of the Bitcoin blockchain while applying its own innovative approach to blockchain development and applications. BTG aims to revolutionize the energy-hungry mining process of BTC by introducing a new and improved proof-of-work algorithm that will combat the scalability issues of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Gold is an open-source protocol that enables developers the opportunity to participate in the governance and development of the blockchain freely. This is most likely in response to how some claim Satoshi as being a bit of a dictator with Bitcoin early on, allowing the community to sculpt what they believe BTG should be. 

BTG has made it its mission to be available on a wide variety of exchanges, as well as swap services and wallets, providing some of that user-friendliness they built BTG on. BTG has actively been adopted by several online browsers and service providers, ensuring ease of use for their users. 

Maybe not the most innovative cryptocurrency, but a token that makes a difference, especially when it comes to Bitcoin Gold gambling. 

Benefits Of Bitcoin Gold Gambling

Bitcoin Gold casinos have plenty of benefits for players to take advantage of, although it is important to remember that gambling with any crypto is mostly better than most fiat options. Simply put, cryptocurrency provides:

  • Fast transactions 
  • Lower fees
  • Transparent data
  • Anonymity 

But, gambling with Bitcoin Gold still has some extra perks over a majority of other cryptocurrencies. Let us take a look. 

BTC vs BTG Gambling 

💰 Max supply 21,000,000 21,000,000
⏱️ Block Time 10 minutes 10 minutes
Transaction Speeds 4-7 per second 27 per second
💸 Transaction Fees $1.78-$62 $0.0011
⛏️ Mining PoW PoW

Overall, BTC and BTG are very similar, probably due to them both being Bitcoin variants. They both have a total max token supply of 21,000,000, have a 10 minute block time, and use PoW. But there is more to Bitcoin Gold than just that. Bitcoin Gold significantly betters Bitcoin in speed and fees. 

In comparison to BTCs average transaction fee of between $1.78 and $62, Bitcoin Gold comes out on top with an average transaction fee of $0.0011. Even compared to BTCs lowest transaction fee, BTG beats it by a mile. Bitcoin Gold gambling means you can save on transaction fees and ensure your casino winnings are paid out in full, minus $0.0011. 

The transaction speeds are another thing BTG seriously dominates BTC at. On average, BTC can process around 4 to 7 transactions per second, whereas gambling with Bitcoin Gold can roughly process 27 transactions per second. It may not be much more, but it does ensure you can deposit and withdraw faster, getting your winnings sooner. 

There are not too many differences between BTC and BTG, but playing at casinos accepting Bitcoin Gold means you can enjoy faster and cheaper transactions, increasing your user experience when playing at cryptocurrency casinos. 

How To Gamble With Bitcoin Gold 

Gambling with Bitcoin Gold at Bitcoin Gold casinos is easy.

  1. Firstly, you will need to find great casinos accepting Bitcoin Gold, our best Bitcoin Gold casinos recommendations are listed above in this article. 
  1. Secondly, you need to register at one of your preferred Bitcoin Gold casinos, fill in all the required information, and verify your account activation. 
  1. Then you can then select a welcome or deposit bonus, or go directly to depositing.
  1. Depositing is simple. Ensure you have Bitcoin Gold available for depositing in one of your crypto wallets. Once you’ve got your BTG in your wallet, head over to the deposit section and select Bitcoin Gold as your method of choice. 
  1. You will be given detailed instructions on how to make a deposit, and that’s it! Generally, they will provide you with an address to send funds to. It really is that easy. Your funds should clear and become available in your account within a few minutes. 

And that’s it, play your favorite games at the best Bitcoin Gold casinos.

Bitcoin Gold Casino Bonuses

Featured Bonus

Claim daily from the DuckDice crypto faucet

Featured Bonus

Join the hourly lottery for free to win prizes.

Featured Bonus

50% when you deposit more than 1000 credits

Featured Bonus

100% up to 1 BTC

Bitcoin Gold Casino FAQs

Is Bitcoin Gold a good investment?

That is up to you, anything can be a good investment if you relate to it directly. From an overview, yes, Bitcoin Gold has some great usability and development in the making, which means it has the potential to be a good investment. But, always do your own research.

Is Bitcoin Gold backed by gold?

No, Bitcoin Gold is not backed by the physical metal known as gold. Bitcoin Gold is backed by people who invest in and use the cryptocurrency.

Can I use Bitcoin Gold for online gambling?

Yes, as long as you find a casino that accepts Bitcoin Gold then you should have no problems. Take a look at the recommendations listed above in this article.

Is gambling with Bitcoin Gold safe?

Yes, Bitcoin Gold uses blockchain technology to provide security and transparency, as well as great speeds and fees. Gambling with Bitcoin Gold is safe.

Is it legal to gamble with cryptocurrency?

Crypto is in a grey area of regulation, so yes it is technically legal. It does depend on your geographic location laws, although VPNs can be used to bypass countries’ limitations, while cryptocurrency adds a layer of anonymity so they can not be traced back to.

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