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The “endgame” of Ripple’s SEC case has been hypothesized after a crucial date.

  • The SEC facts in the Ripple case are expected to dribble in on September 19th.

    The case will have far-reaching consequences for XRP and the broader crypto market.

    XRP is recovering, although it is still consolidating.

    On September 19, the Ripple v. SEC case could take an intriguing turn. It is the day when the parties submit open redacted papers in support of the case’s summary judgment. Following that, and before the end of the year, lawyers from both parties will meet to discuss. The negotiations will conclude with the refinement of the briefs for case resolution. Will this put an end to the long-running feud between the regulator and Ripple?

    Jeremy Hogan, a pro-XRP activist and lawyer, is ecstatic about the new date, which is only a week away. Hogan intimated in a tweet on Friday that the date represents “the endgame,” although he did add that it is the day the public will know what each party possesses.

    There is an intriguing fact that explains why any progress between SEC and Ripple is critical right now. Investors have been waiting for the case’s resolution for a long time. Ripple has had a lot of little victories. This has led to speculation that it will outwit the regulator in arguing that XRP is not a securities. The price of XRP has been linked to the anticipated judgment. The decision will have far-reaching consequences for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

    XRP price forecast and forecast

    In the previous 24 hours, XRP has increased by 4.27%. This averages the gains of the other major cryptocurrencies. It demonstrates that the September 19 occurrence has yet to have an impact on the price.

Source – TradingView

A technical analysis suggests that XRP is still stuck in the consolidation channel. The token is making its way back up from the bottom of the channel. The RSI level of 52 indicates that there are neither oversold or overbought conditions.

Finally, consider the following:

If you’re trading XRP, September 19 is an important date to keep an eye on. It will provide some insight into future case determination and XRP price. The coin is best purchased on a breakout at $0.37.


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