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Bitcoin’s LN Capacity Crossed 3900 BTC, Recording New ATH


Bitcoin’s LN Capacity crossed 3900 BTC and recorded a new all-time high in the meantime as we can see more today in our latest Bitcoin news.

The Bitcoin LN was first implemented on the mainnet in 2018 and has ever since been able to maintain an upward trajectory in terms of expanding capacity. Bitcoin’s architecture continues to outperform itself and further secures the speeding up and decentralizing of the peer-to-peer network and the same holds true for Bitcoin’s LN capacity.

btc LN
Bitcoin Lightning Network statistics. Source 1ml

The LN capacity attained a new high of 3915.776 BTC as evidenced by the data from Bitcoin Visuals, showing a commitment to the cause of the improving BTC transactions speed and reducing fees in the layer 2 protocol. The LN was implemented initailly into the BTC mainnet in 2018 to address Bitcoin’s scalability issues and was since able to maintain an upward trajectory in terms of increasing capacity. The climb, however, saw a disruption when the LN capacity dropped by 7.7% in a matter of a week and it only showcased network resilience with the drop being accompanied by the recovery back to 3718 BTC by May 2.

The statistics data from 1ML shows that all other aspects of the Bitcoin Lightning Network continue to grow parallel to the BTC global adoption drive. The data-driven prediction hints at a huge disruption that will see the industry move away from the bridging between the Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains:

“L2 adoption is happening now, even if it is slow and in bursts. Behind the scenes, L2’s are improving reliability, decreasing fees, and increasing accessibility. L2’s are still building and improving, and that’s fantastic.”

L2 scaling solutions take advantage of the L1 security and process transactions into one single package.

As recently reported, There’s a growing demand for BTC-based micropayments but people are reluctant to spend the asset which trended upwards in value over time. It could look like the Lightning Network is a classic example of vaporware and it was long touted as the layer-two solution which will make BTC more viable as an everyday medium of exchange but the fact remains that BTC is still isn’t used on the large scale for payments.

BTC capacity
Cumulative Bitcoin capacity across all channels. Source BitcoinVisuals node

In the steady stream of crypto exchanges were integrating into the Lightning Network in the recent months like Kraken, Aax, Paxful, Robinhood, and OKX which follows earlier integrations by the likes of Bitstamp, CoinCorner, and Bitfinex but also integrations by wallet payment providers like BitPay and Cash App.

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