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A Decade in the Making: The Cost of an iPhone in Bitcoin and Ethereum Over Time


The price of an Apple iPhone has only risen over the years. But, during the last decade, has the price of the iPhone exceeded that of BTC or ETH? According to a fresh research from CoinGecko, not even close. CoinGecko’s research team dug deep into the price archives for BTC and ETH, going back more than a decade, and cross-referenced crypto prices to iPhone MSRPs.

Let’s look at the CoinGecko report and its important findings.

When measured in BTC and ETH, iPhone prices fall over time.

Following the launching of the iPhone 13 and the announcement of the upcoming iPhone 14, we’ve learnt that regular iPhone 14 models will start at $799, with a pre-order window that has just begun. A crucial takeaway from CoinGecko’s findings is that the retail price of an iPhone has been relatively steady over the last decade, beginning with the iPhone 4S, when CoinGecko’s research window begins.

The 4S retailed for $649.00, and with today’s 14 priced at $799.00, that indicates a nearly 25% gain over the previous decade, with no inflation adjustment. Peak iPhone prices were seen in 2017 and 2018, with the X and XS models both priced at $999.00. Look at how these prices have changed in relation to the price of Bitcoin below:

Only three of the 13 models launched during the last 11 years saw their Bitcoin equivalent increase from the previous year. Since its inception in 2015, similar sentiments have existed when comparing the price to Ether. Only three times in the last nine iPhone launches was a phone more expensive in ETH than the previous model:

Highlights from the CoinGecko Report

The CoinGecko analysis includes a few more noteworthy takeaways:

The market’s price decline this year: BTC reached highs of around $70,000 earlier this year before crashing back to earth. This resulted in the highest percentage increase from one model to the next, with 13 models priced at 0.0178 BTC last year becoming 14 models priced at more than twice that, at 0.0424 BTC. Because Bitcoin is the dominant market mover among altcoins, a similar attitude may be stated with ETH, which increased from 0.2 ETH last year to 0.5 ETH this year.
Is it a wise investment? Relatively speaking, since the launching of the iPhone 4S just over a decade ago, BTC and ETH have gained nearly 500,000% and 250,000%, respectively. When compared to the iPhone’s 23% growth. This should be taken with a grain of salt – it’s practically apples and oranges – but it’s worth considering given the growth and esteem that crypto assets have garnered over the years.

Bitcoin (BTC) has seen all sorts of valuation relative to Apple's flagship phone. | Source: BTC-USD on TradingView.com
Featured image from Pixabay, Charts from TradingView.com

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